Freelance Copywriter for Women Entrepreneurs

I create engaging content and copywriting for female entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.

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Trailblazing women like you don’t have time to do it all. I’m here to help you arrive at your destination faster (and with more gas in the tank). 

My copywriting portfolio is padded with samples written for boss lady clients who demand nothing short of excellence.

I’ve worked with financiers, corporate executives, designers, matchmakers, marketers, industrial engineers, lawyers, photographers, fitness coaches, consultants and more.

Whether you want to be seen or heard, respected or revered, sought after or booked out – there’s one ingenious way to increase your chances of getting there – great copywriting and content.

Copywriting Services

From weekly blogs to website copywriting. Contact me to discuss your unique needs.


Website Launch

Getting ready to launch a new website? I'll provide the website copy.


Blogs and Articles

Need SEO-optimized blogs and articles delivered regularly? I can do that.


Strategic Content

Want to wow potential clients and leads? Let's craft strategic content.

Benefits of Freelancing work from anywhere

E-Commerce Copywriting

Let's get more juice out of your e-comm business.

What Copywriting Can Do For You

More Sales

Copywriting and content can drive your marketing efforts (and churn more sales).

More Organic Results

SEO-optimized content can help you get found higher up on the SERPs (or search results).

More Email Signups

The money is in your email list. Let's beef up your email marketing game.

More Inquiries

Get more qualified leads in your inbox.

Client Testimonials

"Don’t need to look elsewhere! Sara provided amazing content that truly surpassed my expectations."
Roberta T.
“I can’t express enough how great it is working with Sara! She is my permanent go-to for any work I need!”
Belle G.
“Sara's writing skills are excellent. Clear and sharp.”
Julia S.

About Sara Lynd

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In 2010, freelance copywriting was my side hustle. Today, as a freelance copywriter for women entrepreneurs, it’s my main hustle. I’ve helped countless female business owners and professionals land new clients, close more deals and make more sales by crafting unique, authentic content. Armed with an MBA and advanced SEO experience, my content does more than just persuade, it delivers results. 

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Social Media​​ Content

Build a following and grow engagement with quality social media content.

SEO Blogs

Rank higher in SERPs with well-researched, well-written blogs. SEO is a process. Get started now.

Advertising Copy

Tap into the power of advertising copy to reach a targeted audience.

Website Copywriting

Win hearts and minds with website copy that speaks your brand's language.

B2B Copywriting Services

Reach your audience with salient, relevant and timely content.

Content Marketing​

Build brand authority and a loyal following with curated content.

Investor Material

Dazzle investors and prospective business partners with polished and articulate investor materials.

Case Studies

Showcase your brand's expertise and capabilities with sharp and poignant case studies.

White Papers

Command respect, authority and build a community with a definitive white paper.

On-Demand Copywriting Services

Quick Turnaround

Get your content delivered in as little as 3-4 working days.

One-to-one service

I'm always one message away.

long-term potential

We can make this work long-term.


No agency fees here.


What kind of copywriting services do you offer?

My freelance copywriting services include (but are not limited to) website copywriting, blog posts, informational articles, social media copywriting, email marketing newsletters, ecommerce copywriting, and advertising collateral.

What industries do you have experience in?

Owing to my seasoned experience as a copywriter, I am comfortable providing freelance copywriting services for a variety of industries including the arts, business, finance, accounting, law, lifestyle, design, cryptocurrency and more.

What are your delivery timelines?

It depends. Owing to the flexible nature of my schedule, I can deliver in as little as 3-5 working days. Please get in touch with me to discuss your project and timelines.

Where can I see samples of your work?

Browse my recent work here.

What kind of clients have you worked with?

I’ve worked with a diverse range of predominantly women clients including award-winning entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists, and expert professionals like interior designers, matchmakers, fitness trainers, cryptocurrency founders, marketers, lawyers, accountants, psychotherapists, consulting professionals and finance managers.

Why should I work with a freelance copywriter?

My clients commission my freelance copywriting services to help fill a gap within their team. 

While you may not have a need for a full-time copywriter, a freelance copywriter can step in to provide ongoing monthly services like a monthly blog post, newsletter, or other marketing content. 

What is freelance copywriting?

Freelance copywriting is a service provided by a highly skilled professional writer who works on a flexible basis. 

A freelance copywriter is an invaluable part of your team. The most astute copywriters have the power to immortalize a brand, cementing its position in history. Think of the biggest household names – it’s highly likely that a copywriter wrote the slogan or crafted the brand story that makes that brand name unique and memorable.

How can a freelance copywriter help my business?


You might be surprised to learn that by working together, copywriting can help stimulate business growth – leading you to invest more in copywriting while reaping the rewards in the form of increased customer acquisition, higher sales or marketing boost.

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer for Female Businessowners

Clients call on me to capture and communicate the essence of their brand.

And for good reason. Because whether it’s to tell a story, win hearts, or sway minds, copywriting has the power to transform and elevate your brand to new levels.

My approach is unmistakably simple: Great copywriting starts with great storytelling.

Copywriting can help you hit sales targets, drive customer loyalty, build authority in your space and stay top of mind.

Through a combination of standalone services or an ongoing work relationship, I work with clients to deliver exquisitely crafted content, from website copywriting to blogs, informational content, and more.

As a freelance copywriter for women entrepreneurs, I work on a flexible schedule to meet your timeline and content requirements. 

Unlike large agencies, I take a flexible, adaptable approach capable of delivering projects on a rapid timescale. 

Copywriting is my natural passion and calling. I discovered the pleasure and art of writing through my voracious passion for reading.

My reading habit continues to feed my curiosity – an integral prerequisite to becoming a great copywriter. I read and study voraciously, a habit that informs my expertise on a variety of topics from finance to technology and art to design.

As a professional, business and psychology graduate, I inherently understand the underpinnings of the human mind, effortlessly enabling me to craft compelling narratives that seamlessly guide the reader to act.

Learn more about me here.

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