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Founded in 2019 by Sara Lynd, fitness enthusiast and copywriter, Vesper Copywriters is a boutique freelance copywriting and marketing agency with a specific focus on serving fitness professionals including personal trainers, fitness coaches, gym owners, fitness influencers, fitness brands and online fitness platforms. 

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Social Media​​ Content

Build a following and grow engagement with quality social media content.

SEO Blogs

Rank higher in SERPs with well-researched, well-written blogs. SEO is a process. Get started now.

Advertising Copy

Tap into the power of advertising copy to reach a targeted audience.

Website Copywriting

Win hearts and minds with website copy that speaks your brand's language.

B2B Copywriting Services

Reach your audience with salient, relevant and timely content.

Content Marketing​

Build brand authority and a loyal following with curated content.

Investor Material

Dazzle investors and prospective business partners with polished and articulate investor materials.

Case Studies

Showcase your brand's expertise and capabilities with sharp and poignant case studies.

White Papers

Command respect, authority and build a community with a definitive white paper.