4 Crypto Brands with Winning Web Copy

Crypto Web Copy: Embrace room for imagination

Dear entrepreneurs and founders of cryptocurrencies, blockchain protocols and Defi apps: I call on you to embrace creativity and imagination in your copywriting. Dare to be different and invest more into copywriting to achieve this outcome. I see many crypto brands populating their front pages with bland, unremarkable and boring copy. This is anticlimactic to the crypto movement and does nothing to strengthen the excitement and potential underpinning your technology or protocol. Quite frankly, it takes a polished, refined and targeted marketing strategy to create inspiring and exhilarating website copywriting (or web copy). 


Avoid boring, bland crypto web copy

How do you avoid creating bland web copy? As a cryptocurrency copywriter, I’ve been approached by clients who often don’t quite know what they want. This is frustrating for both sides. I’ve also been approached by clients who are too protective and untrusting of their copywriter – thinking no one can write their copy better than them. Would you ask your Tech Lead to lead Marketing? Probably not. As a copywriter, I want to deliver my best work. To do so, I either need some guidance from the client or I need to understand your overall strategy. After all, this is an exciting time to be in this space and the messaging should be on point across all platforms and media channels.  


A Crypto Copywriter’s Advice to Crypto Entrepreneurs and Founders

My advice to crypto entrepreneurs is to give plenty of thought to your marketing strategy as this will inform your copywriting strategy. I’ve highlighted four examples from leading cryptocurrency brands and DEXs who have nailed web copy in this blog. After reading through these examples, I hope you’ll feel the pinch of giddy excitement I felt when I stumbled across their landing page. 

4 Crypto Brands that nailed their web copy


kusama web copy 

Kusama nails its landing page copy for several reasons. They define a real-world problem they’re trying to solve and present a solution. Sounds boring until you read the copy. Kusama does this in a tasteful, inspiring way. Notice their use of a metaphor (“canary in a coalmine”) to make their point. That’s exciting. 


Pancake Swap

pancake swap copy

I love Pancake Swap, and I’m an avid user of the DEX. I simply adore their copy. Whoever penned this masterful piece of work is a genius. I’m willing to bet that Pancake Swap started with a goal in mind. They were strategic in their approach to naming and marketing – making the website copy a cinch to craft. What a pleasure to see. “The moon is made of pancakes” – this tagline is simply reflective of their own branding and effective because it speaks to their audience. 




Simple, effective and powerful, Polygon’s tagline “Bringing the world to Ethereum” uses only five words to describe what would otherwise take an entire white paper to define and describe. And herein lies the magic of persuasive, compelling copywriting. The key message is to drill down and understand your product and communicate it in a simple way using the least amount of words possible. 



tezos web copy

Another example of simple, clear copywriting that gets to the heart of the technology. Tezos nails their website copy by communicated their strengths in a easy to understand and approachable manner that excites and inspires the reader. 



Here are my key takeaways for crypto brands looking to create more compelling website copy. Start with your marketing and branding strategy. Agree as a unit on fundamental aspects of your brand’s strengths and how you will leverage copywriting to communicate your vision to the masses. Keep it simple. Keep it inspirational. And don’t overcomplicate things. If you’d like me to take a look at your crypto website copy, please get in touch now.

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