5 Essential Copywriting Hacks for Effective Website Copy

How to craft effective website copy

Effective website copywriting starts with understanding a brand and its goals. More than that, it also involves obtaining a thorough understanding of the market and industry in which the brand competes. Then, it’s important to understand the brand’s current- and future-state. In other words, where is the brand today? How is it doing against its own benchmark metrics and where does it aspire to be? The website copywriting process is exactly this: a process. It all starts with research. Once that’s done, the fun part begins.  

Here are 5 essential copywriting hacks for effective website copywriting (assuming you’ve completed the first and all-important research stage!)

Create attention-grabbing headlines

Headlines can be catchy, or annoying. There’s a fine line between the two. To write an effective headline, start by outlining the goals for each page. Headlines will need to adhere to your website’s overall tone of voice, be short and succinct, and occasionally include a call to action. 

Create Interest

Don’t be boring! But stay true to your brand and its tone of voice. Website copy must generate interest and hopefully convert a user into a buyer. At the very least, your copy shouldn’t scare people away. Do your research and confirm your target audience’s interests. What makes them tick? What are they interested in? And what problem does your product or service solve? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re on your way to crafting some interesting copy for your target audience.  

Calls to Action

Every website needs calls to action. And ideally, you’ll want to scatter them strategically across each page. Try not to bombard the user with “BUY NOW” buttons. Rather, place calls to action at the top, middle and bottom of your page. This will cater to users who won’t necessarily read through your entire page. 

Create Desire

Interest and desire are not the same thing. Interest can be sustained but must be transformed into something else in order for your business to succeed. On the other hand, if you’ve succeeded in planting a seed of desire in your target audience, then you’re well on your way to making a sale or generating a hot lead. Generate desire using copywriting through the tactical use of psychology. Every client has needs or wants. The key is to position your service or product as the solution that will satisfy that need or desire – even if it’s temporary (think chocolate or a glass of wine at your favourite upscale restaurant). Words won’t suffice in this department. You’ll need professional images or videos to bring the desire to life. 

Prompt users to take action with words

While a call to action is a direct call to action, think of prompting users to take action with words as a gentle nudge towards warming up to your idea. Think of this as using words to insinuate or plant ideas in your target’s mind. Use words that vividly explain your product or service. Or describe how troubles and concerns will melt away with a purchase or call. 

Start with website copywriting now

Struggling with your website copywriting project? Get in touch with Vesper Copywriters today and let’s discuss your brand’s copywriting ambitions. 

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