B2B Copywriting Services

What is B2B Copywriting?

Business-to-business (B2B) copywriting is written by businesses for business consumers.
You might be an accounting software company marketing products to other small businesses.
Or you might be a commercial photographer marketing your services to companies.
In both cases, you’re a business focused on raising awareness of your services to brands.
A B2B copywriter can help your brand boost sales, brand awareness, and conversions.
B2B Copywriting Services involve creating written content for a specific purpose. The ultimate goal of all copywriting content is simple. With words, we aim to persuade your target audience to take a desired action.
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Benefits of B2B Copywriting Services

The benefits of B2B copywriting are wide-ranging and significant, including:
  • Meet and exceed sales targets
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Improve SEO results
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Higher engagement rates on social media
  • Higher email signups
  • Build relationships with customers aligned with your mission

Vesper Copywriters B2B Copywriting Services

If you’re looking for B2B copywriting services, please contact me now.
Browse my portfolio of copywriting samples.
I offer the following services:
  • Content creation (including blogs, case studies, social media posts)
  • Website copywriting
  • Sales copywriting
  • E-commerce copywriting
  • Advertising copywriting

What makes B2B Copywriting Different?

As opposed to B2C copywriting, B2B copywriting focuses only on business consumers.
I create blog posts, social media content, and other long-form content for both B2B and B2C clients. But B2B clients have different needs.
B2B clients are swayed by different incentives. This is because B2B clients have different problems. Most businesses are looking for efficiencies. Think of time-saving features, cost-saving benefits, and other benefits.
B2B copywriters must focus on benefits that appeal to business consumers.

B2B Copywriting Services

The best B2B copywriters know what they’re talking about. And to do that, it helps to be a specialist.
For example, I have niche expertise in writing for a variety of industries. Check out my portfolio to learn more.
Here are some of my B2B copywriting niche specialties:
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Interior Design
  • Retail
  • Lifestyle
  • Business Consulting
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B2B Blog Copywriting Tips

Blogs are one of the most common services requested by my B2B clients.
Unless you have a large and established brand, your content needs to get found on search engines.
From the outset, it’s important to identify your target audience. Moreover, we need to work on identifying a content strategy.
Are you trying to get more backlinks to your website? Or are you trying to rank for a competitive keyword?
Your answer to these questions will determine who we’re writing for.
Next, I perform keyword research. This helps me to discover what your target audience is searching for.
I’ll weave in these keywords into the content, title and elsewhere.
If you already work with an SEO agency, you can skip these steps. Simply provide me with your SEO content template and keywords. I’ll get to work on creating your content.
More than ever, consumers want to see video content. This is a great way to boost engagement and drive more traffic to your website.
I have partnered with a video creation agency. Together, we can turn your written blog content into video content (if you wish).

How to get started with B2B Copywriting

If you’re ready to take your B2B content to the next level. Please contact me now.

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