benefits of freelancing for copywriters

Benefits of Freelancing (For Copywriters)

One of my favorite benefits of freelancing as a copywriter is the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. If you’re considering a freelance career, I suggest first building it up as a side hustle. It takes time to learn how to land (and keep clients). In this post, I’ll walk you through the best benefits of freelancing (from a copywriter’s perspective!)

Flexible career path

As a successful freelance copywriter, you can set your own schedule and hours. If you currently work 9-5, copywriting will let you chart your own path forward.

Alternatively, if you need a career that works around your schedule, freelance copywriting can help you achieve your work goals. 


While this may not seem like a requirement at first, the truth is that freelancers ultimately realize that trading time for money has its limitations. For instance, you can only work a certain number of hours per week – limiting your earning potential.

Luckily, by building your copywriting expertise, you can eventually monetize your skills in a variety of ways. This means that you can earn passive income from your ventures. I’ll discuss ways to scale your copywriting venture in future chapters.

Work from anywhere

Do you dream of working remotely on your own terms? Want to wake up to the sound of waves crashing at your Bali resort? Do you dream of spending your days working in a charming European cafe? 

It’s all possible with copywriting.

As a copywriter, I’ve had the privilege of working from anywhere in the world. Plenty of my creative friends cannot enjoy this luxury – especially those who need to physically be present on set or in the studio to deliver for their clients. 

Benefits of Freelancing_work from anywhere
Yes, you can work from here.

Potential for wealth accumulation

Copywriting can pave the way for wealth accumulation, which is defined as harboring capital (or money) for a later date. 

You can decide to purchase other businesses, invest or buy the home of your dreams with your copywriting wealth.

Learn to effectively manage your finances from the outset, so you can build wealth for generations.

Boundless creativity 

It’s one of the main reasons I’m drawn to copywriting – room for creativity. I’m very fortunate to work with clients who give me complete freedom to write within my creative limits.

Perfect for curious people

Are you bored by the thought of specializing in a particular subject matter until the end of time? You should be happy to learn that copywriting is a rare field that enables you to spend time learning and writing about a variety of subjects and niches.

Whether you choose to generalize or niche down into a specific topic, the truth is that you can make a living as a copywriter no matter what you specialize in. 

A word of caution. Landing clients as a generalist might prove more difficult if you’re competing with niche specialists. This is why it’s essential to ultimately home in on a selection of carefully selected niches, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

Personal fulfilment

Copywriting is a fulfilling career path. It may not be for everyone. After all, some people may feel daunted by the prospect of crafting compelling words, ads, landing pages and stories for a living. But if you’re reading this post, a career in copywriting probably piques your interest.

If you enjoy reading, writing, thinking, and creating written work that compels others to take action – copywriting can be one of the most personally rewarding choices you can make. 

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