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The products in your eCommerce shop won’t sell themselves. Your products need specific keywords and compelling copy to rank. 

As a freelance copywriter with over a decade of experience, I can help you craft ecommerce copy.

Here are some benefits of working with me, a freelance ecommerce copywriter. 

Ecommerce Copywriting Services

I can help you with:

  • Ecommerce copywriting for social media ads. This includes ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and more. 
  • Ecommerce copywriting for product pages
  • Ecommerce copywriting for landing pages
  • Ecommerce copywriting for product descriptions. This includes product descriptions for Amazon FBA, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy and more)

Get Found in Search Engines

Ecommerce copywriting starts with SEO keyword research. As an ecommerce copywriter, I can help identify the right keywords for your products. 

Keyword research requires more time to put in place and execute. I use advanced SEO tools to find keywords consumers are searching for to find your products. 

Please contact me to discuss pricing. 

High Quality Ecommerce Copywriting

The most enticing ecommerce copywriting captures your consumer’s pain, need or desire. 

High quality copywriting is a process. It starts with understanding your brand voice, product and mission. 

Next, I get to work crafting your product description, ad copy, story or whatever else you may need. 

I’ll make sure to integrate target keywords. Your audience is searching to find products like yours every day. I’ll tailor your copy and content to stand out in search results. 

Finally, I’ll share the final draft with you for review. I offer free revisions. This is a feature that sets me apart from most copywriters.  

Product Descriptions that Sell

Consumers don’t buy products. They buy a story, vision, solution, promise or lifestyle. 

With this understanding, writing product copy becomes a study in persuasion and storytelling.

To set your product apart in the marketplace, think about the reasons you’re in business. What makes you different? Why should anyone buy your product? 

What’s your story?

The best products are clear on their mission and values. With a clear understanding of these values, your product description will write itself. 

Ecommerce Copywriting for Product Pages

Ecommerce copywriting is best suited for product descriptions or product pages. 

Beautiful, well-written product pages can entice consumers to buy your product or offer. 

Peppered with proven copywriting tactics, I’ll help you write a profitable product page. 

The proof is in the pudding. Please take a look at my portfolio to view examples of my past work. 

Ecommerce Copywriting for Social Media Ads

To stand out in the saturated market, many ecommerce brands invest in advertising.

Brands that invest in advertising should consider optimizing ads with conversion-optimized copywriting.

My approach to ad copy strives to inspire or move your target consumer to action. 

Whether you’re selling beauty products or everyday essentials, I’ll focus on the benefits. 

Using your brand voice, I’ll incorporate neuromarketing to sell your product. 

I enjoy writing compelling ad copy for a variety of ecommerce brands. 

From Responsive Google Ads to Facebook Ads, please contact me to discuss your project. 

Selling on Landing Pages

Do you sell an e-book, digital product, subscription product or another large-ticket item? 

Consider sending qualified leads to a landing page. 

Funnel leads to your landing page from social media, ads or organic search. 

Once on your landing page, consumers can go through a journey of your choosing. 

Consumers will buy from you if they can trust you. There are a variety of ways to inspire trust. This includes a featured video to featured testimonials, images and text. 

Outstanding copywriting is only one avenue that boosts consumer trust in your brand. 

An optimized landing page can make or break your sales targets. 

If you’re reading to discuss your landing page copy, please contact me now. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Ecommerce copywriting is ultimately concerned with the customer experience.

Does your product solve a customer’s problem? Will it help them achieve a goal? Will it take away a problem? 

Copywriting is one way to communicate precisely how your product will deliver.

If customers are happy, they’ll tell others about your product. Word-of-mouth referrals will boost revenues while minimizing the need for ad spend.

What is ecommerce copywriting
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What is Ecommerce Copywriting?

Let’s start with the definition of copywriting. 

Copywriting encapsulates the art and science of writing winning words for your brand. The aim of copywriting is to persuade and convince your target audience to take a desired action. 

Over the course of history, the best copywriters have elevated brands to new heights. Combined with marketing and sales, copywriting has the power to transform your business. 

Why Vesper Copywriters?

For over a decade, brands and business owners have commissioned me to write their copy. 

My copywriting sets me apart from others because I’ve mastered business and psychology. 

I write and deliver for clients daily. More than 95% of my clients are repeat clients. And I’d like to keep it that way.

To see why clients keep coming back, please explore my portfolio

I choose to copywrite everyday because I enjoy writing. It’s my escape outlet. 

More than that, helping my clients succeed is a satisfying and rewarding feeling.

Contact me to discuss your unique Ecommerce copywriting needs. 

How Long Does It Take?

I work on a freelance basis. This means I can get started on your project as soon as possible. Delivery times depend on a variety of factors. I deliver most Ecommerce copywriting orders in 1-2 weeks. 

How Much Does Ecommerce Copywriting Cost?

To get an accurate estimate, please contact me with your requirements. 

What Are The Benefits of Working With an Ecommerce Copywriter?

You can expect to see:

  • Better conversion rates
  • More sales
  • More inquiries
  • Better click-through rates on your ads
  • Learn what works (and what doesn’t) 
  • Improved SEO rankings
  • Improved brand awareness

Contact Vesper Copywriters Now

Are you ready to get started with ecommerce copywriting? 

Are you ready for more sales, more incoming leads, and more action? 

If you’re ready to scale your ecommerce business, please get in touch with me now. The ball’s in your court!