Get Ready for Metaverse Fashion Week: 24-27 March 2022

What’s happening at Metaverse Fashion Week?

It’s time to get ready for Metaverse Fashion Week! On March 24, Decentraland will host its first Metaverse Fashion Week. Complete with live music, after parties, drinks and networking events, there’s plenty of buzz around the four-day event. Anyone can attend, but you’ll need some crypto to buy wearables. In the buildup to the event, Vesper Copywriters outlines some of the biggest flexes made by some leading fashion houses in this blog.

Recently, luxury brands from Gucci to Dior have showcased collections and creations in numerous ways, ranging from fashion shows in the metaverse to collaborations with other startups. As in the physical world, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look your fashionable best no matter where you are. In fact, many fashion houses have embraced outfitting avatars for a virtual world. And they’re not only betting on the untapped potential of the metaverse, but they’re also first movers in what is increasingly becoming a generational shift in the World Wide Web. 

Key players in the metaverse fashion world

Here’s a recap of some of the biggest moves by fashion brands in the metaverse to date: 

Dolce & Gabbana combined a physical and virtual catwalk during Milan Fashion Week in February 2022, showcasing the best of both worlds.

Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT in December 2021 positions the brand as a sneaker-giant in the world of digital sneaker design. Sneakers are sold as NFTs and collectibles, which you can check out and browse here

Balenciaga not only partnered with Fortnight, but is also in the process of setting up its own metaverse fashion unit.

Hermes is currently in the process of suing the creator of the MetaBirkin bag for intellectual property violation. For a short while, MetaBirkins enjoyed success, with the average bag selling for over $100,000. No longer available for sale due to legal action, the exercise was one that demonstrated the potential to collect, market, promote and sell luxury goods in the metaverse. Despite the impending legal action, it’s clear that there is tremendous demand for luxury bags and goods in the metaverse (for their rightful, legal owners!)

Louis Vuitton made its foray into the metaverse with a video game, appealing to a gaming audience. 

With surging interest and proven demand for virtual luxury goods, the future of fashion in the metaverse looks promising. Consumers will undoubtedly turn to fashion as a form of self-expression in the metaverse, and established fashion houses would be well-rewarded to capitalize on this development.

If you’re a fashion designer or up-and-coming digital fashion startup, please feel free to contact us to discuss your digital fashion copywriting requirements as we venture into a thrilling new era of fashion together. 

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