How Blogging Boosts Organic Growth and Raises Brand Awareness

How to leverage blogging to your advantage

Small business owners, serial entrepreneurs and professional service providers: all three have a strong desire to boost organic growth and raise brand awareness. There’s one tactic that can achieve both of these outcomes: blogging. If your website doesn’t already have a blog, you’ll want to get one started right away. Blogging works wonders for organic growth, while concurrently boosting brand awareness. If your blog can help people answer questions or solve problems, they’re much more likely to visit and read your blog. In doing so, they’ll discover your website and learn more about you and your business. 

In this sense, it’s clear that a well-written blog that caters to your target audience is inevitably a strong investment that has the potential to pay dividends down the road. Additionally, if your blog post answers a question, solves a problem or entertains in a meaningful way, your readers will share your content – helping raise awareness for your brand. Before you get started blogging, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:


Your blog should be easy to read and navigate. Remember, people are visual creatures and crave something good to look at as they consume your content. 

Solve a problem or answer a question

People read blogs for a simple reason: they’re looking for answers to questions or researching solutions to their problems. This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise or product (either of which can be leveraged to help your target audience). 

Optimise your blog post for search engines

This might be a difficult nut to crack, but the elements of SEO are relatively simple to master if you’re a hands on person. If you find SEO too technical, it might be best to leave this piece with an SEO expert. 


Catchy Headlines

If your headline fails to capture attention, your blog will go unnoticed. Spend some time coming up with a headline that grabs your audience’s attention. 

Re-write and proofread your draft (several times)

This is the secret sauce that separates good blogs from the best. Blogs (and any other form of writing) must go through at least three full drafts before inspiring confidence in readers! Any writer will easily attest to the fact that the first draft of any piece of writing must be tossed in the trash! 



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