How to create high quality content for better SEO results


As a business, your goal is to create or procure high quality content for better SEO results. Undoubtedly, online marketing and SEO are a crucial combination. You can’t have one without the other if you want to be found on the web (specifically, if your intent is to be discovered through organic search). 

High quality content can refer to on-page content, or content intended to be shared via social media. It also refers to viral content including videos. Regardless of the format, content is the crux upon which businesses build rankings on major search engines like Google. In other words, producing high quality content is rewarding. 

High quality content = High ROI

When SEO first made its debut in the marketing world, the idea was to generate backlinks. This means that your site was deemed to have higher authority if other authoritative websites linked to your website. In essence, backlinks communicated the fact that your website is noteworthy, thus warranting a backlink (or mention). 

In November 2003, a Google update changed the game (as it always does). Overnight, many SEO practices were thrown out, including keyword stuffing, invisible text and hidden links. 

As Google developed its SEO algorithm, content creators were similarly compelled to create better content. Website authors could no longer rely on shady SEO tactics to rank higher on Google. 

You probably have an idea about where this is going. The truth is, content is king. And if your content is subpar, your business will remain subpar. 

Here’s a list of popular high quality content you can leverage to make your website stand out:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Presentations
  • Apps

Content types

Content is broken down into two main forms including:

Informational: the aim of informational content is to share knowledge or teach a skill. Think blog posts, or educational videos. 

Transactional: Think of transactional content as the call to action on your website, or the promotional content on your page. This is a transaction as you are bluntly asking the consumer to make a purchase. 

Currently, video and imagery content are underutilized and expensive to create. Blogging however remains within reach for the majority of businesses. As with any product or service, quality is directly correlated with the price you are willing to pay. You can certainly turn to freelancers for your blog content. But if you want truly high quality articles, written by high quality writers, and backed by solid research, it’s best to opt for a high quality copywriter. Regardless of who you hire to write your content, always ask for samples of their work. 

Wrap up

Creating high quality content for better SEO results is easy when you partner with some of the best copywriters out there. Consider partnering with Vesper Copywriters. As creators of high quality written content for a wide variety of clientele, our blog articles provide you with excellent insight into the quality of our work. If you’d like to review specific writing samples, please get in touch. 

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