How to sell a personal finance website

Thinking of selling your personal finance blog?

Do you have your own personal finance blog? You’ve probably poured endless hours into your website – creating content, sharing it with your audience and monetizing traffic. But what’s next? Are you ready to take on a new venture? Are you getting tired of writing about the same topics? If so, this might be a great time to get a website valuation and sell your personal finance blog

Reasons to sell a personal finance blog

Whether you want to cash out and move onto bigger and better things or simply retire – selling your personal finance blog is a big decision.

Step 1: Get a website valuation 

A website valuation will help you discover how much your business is worth. Empire Flippers is an online business broker that offers sellers a free and instant website valuation tool. Uncover the true value of your website based on valuation formulas used in the personal finance industry. 

How much can you sell a personal finance blog for? 

Your website valuation is derived by multiplying net profit x multiple = website valuation 

If this sounds too good to be true, simply try the Empire Flippers valuation tool and get an instant quote for the value of your personal finance blog in a few easy steps. 

Step 2: Prepare your website for sale 

Happy with your valuation? Great. It’s time to prepare for an eventual exit. If you were selling a house or car, you would take the time to spruce it up and prepare it for the next owner. The same logic applies to your personal finance blog. 

If your website is overflowing with clunky plugins, redundant text or other inefficient processes, now is the time to clean things up. 

If you choose to list your website with a reputable broker like Empire Flippers, you will also be expected to go through a due diligence process. Here, interested buyers will be able to perform their own due diligence and understand the financial implications of their decision to buy your personal finance blog.

To get ready for the due diligence process, gather all your website-related financial documents, traffic information and any other relevant information required by Empire Flippers

Step 3: List your website for sale with a reputable broker

I recommend listing your website for sale with Empire Flippers for many reasons. First, they’re a trusted source for buying and selling quality websites. Second, they have a high sales success rate of 77%. To date, they have made sales of over $392 million on websites. 

Step 4: Negotiate your deal

Congratulations! Someone is interested in buying your personal finance blog. It’s time to negotiate the terms of the deal. Get help with this step by working with Empire Flippers or a legal professional.

Step 5: Transfer your website to the new owner 

If you choose to list your website for sale with Empire Flippers, a dedicated migration team will be on hand to help you complete the transfer to the new owner.


Key Takeaways

Selling your personal finance blog is a big decision. Take the time to get an accurate website valuation and consider all your options. Empire Flippers is one of the most reputable platforms for buying and selling websites. Consider signing up to their newsletter and getting your free website valuation today. If you’re looking for a personal finance copywriter to spruce up your content prior to a sale, please contact Vesper Copywriters now. 

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