How to work with copywriters

Working with copywriters is easy

In this article, we’ll lay out our working style here at Vesper Copywriters. It all starts with you, our client. You approach us via social media (Instagram, Facebook) or our website’s contact page. 

Starting out

Provide me with a description of your project. I offer a variety of services ranging from blog post writing to social media content creation. If you need case studies, white papers or any other research-intensive copy, I can help with that too. Once we’ve agreed on the project, I will work with your budget to deliver on time and provide you with the opportunity to revise the work or make requests for modification. 

Research Process

Most often, I conduct independent research in crafting your copy. This is carried out to ensure authentic, quality material. After all, clients must trust the content you publish. If you’re a research organisation, you may have your own research to provide, and I’m happy to work with your data under a non-disclosure agreement. But for more simple research, I am fully capable of performing my own research and providing you with quality links. 

The Writing Process

I only put pen to paper once I have a clear idea of my client’s expectations, requirements and have carried out research to back up the content. With expertise across a wide variety of industries, it’s likely that you can expect a speedy turnaround. Often, most projects take less than 5 days to complete. During the writing process, I can pen up to three drafts of your work. Every great writer knows precisely what to do with the first draft: bin it. That’s right. The first draft belongs in the trash. Similar to the first coat of paint, writing must be layered, polished and refined over the course of several drafts. This is my approach and this is what gives me the edge as a copywriter. 

Client Delivery

Once the draft has been polished, proofed and re-proofed, I deliver it to you in confidence, providing you with sufficient time (24+ hours to revise, edit and provide me with any requests for revision). 

Revision Process (if required)

Most clients are happy with the final delivery, but sometimes on more complex projects, it’s normal and encouraged to request changes to the draft. I aim to make revisions as soon as possible as I am aware that you’d like to publish your content right away. 

Wrap up

Once my client is happy with the final work, the project is complete. 

As described in this post, working with a copywriter is easy, simple and a smooth process. Get in touch with Vesper Copywriters today to discuss your next project. 

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