If you’re not social selling on LinkedIn, you’re missing out. This is why.

The power of LinkedIn

If you’re not leveraging the power of social selling in your business today, you’re missing out. In this post, I’ll explain why. First, a brief statistic: 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn are decision-makers. As any salesperson knows, getting your message in front of a decision-maker right away helps you overcome a significant challenge in the sales process.

With this in mind, social selling enables you or your sales team to find prospects and establish rapport via existing connections. You can use any social media platform to engage with prospects, but here, we focus primarily on LinkedIn for several reasons. 

First, you probably already have more than a handful of qualified prospects on LinkedIn. They’re simply waiting for you to discover them. More often than not, your existing connections can introduce you to people and other decision-makers who are looking for businesses like yours. You’ll never know unless you’re keeping the communication channels open. So keep in touch with your connections, engage with them (meaningfully and authentically).

Take that first step and start a conversation with your connections via a LinkedIn message. Who knows what you’ll find on the other side? 

Here some other ways you can prepare your business for social selling success on LinkedIn.  

Optimise your page headline

Make it eye-catching or simply share your elevator pitch. Whatever you do, make it personal and avoid generic headlines. 

Optimise your business page

Create a LinkedIn Company Page (it takes a few minutes if you have all the info handy). Update the page with accurate information, upload your brand images and cover page, add a description and link your website. Start posting content weekly for maximum exposure. 

Share updates from your business 

Every week, share updates from your business. Whether it’s behind the scenes images, videos or other brand awareness materials, the key is to share and spread the word! 

Create and publish authoritative content

Content helps to build brand awareness, promote your service or products, and most importantly, great content is shareable. This means the work you create once can pay off multiple times courtesy of repeated exposure. 

Leverage the power of video

LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share video content. If you don’t already have your own video content, consider ways to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. 

Share recent testimonials with your connections

Ask recent and past clients to write testimonials and reviews that will showcase your strengths and capabilities! 

Join groups and add to the discussion

Finding groups to join on Linkedin is easy. The hard part is contributing to the group’s discussions in a meaningful way. 

Make new connections

As you start to create and publish content, and engage in group discussions, you’ll undoubtedly start to make new connections. 

If you need more reasons to get started

LinkedIn is the premiere destination for making B2B connections. It is one of the most trusted social networks in the US and the world. And over 40 million people are on the platform on a weekly basis (mostly looking for jobs). The sooner you start creating posts, engaging with people and their content, the more likely you are to grow your business and brand. 

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