How I Help Brands, Firms and Businesses

It starts like this. A brand representative, employee or business owner stumbles across my website, content or blog. Intrigued, they send me an email or dive into my DMs asking for an opportunity to either speak on the phone or schedule a quick 15 minute voice call. 

I ask questions because I enjoy learning about your brand, requirements and expectations. Next, I get to work searching the corners of my mind for the right words to tell your story.

What ensues next is the stuff stars are made of. As you attend to your hefty workload, I embark on a period of extravagant brainstorming, researching, writing, revising, re-writing, proofreading, polishing and triple-checking. 

When the time is right (almost always in advance of our mutually agreed upon deadline), I’ll sign, seal and deliver your draft via email or other workflow management software.

That’s it. That’s my magic formula. And that’s how I’ve helped brands large and small with their content needs from A-Z. If I’m lucky, the process will repeat itself over the span of many, many long years to come. Oscar Wilde said it best: Repeat business is the ultimate form of flattery. 

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