5 Ingenious Copywriting Ads from Legendary Brands

In this post, we cover Five Ingenious Copywriting Ads from Legendary Brands. There’s something about a great ad. I can’t quite explain it, but I know it when I see it. And I’m quite certain that you do, too. Usually, it resonates deeply with me. It makes me feel something good. And typically, I want to share it with my friends.

Brands aspire to achieve something remarkable, whether it’s through a customer-obsessed focus, unparalleled service, or something else. Creatively-crafted ads can help tell a story, no matter the stage of a brand’s journey. 

Writing an ingenious ad starts with capturing the essence of your brand

Once you understand what makes your brand unique, then you can communicate your message in a creative way. Extending further than what you do or what you stand for, your message should serve a purpose, tell a story or strike an emotional chord (or ideally, it should encompass a combination of all three). 

In each of the five ads below: try to get in the headspace of the copywriter from the perspective of the brand. Try to dissect the pieces and break down the exercise into its individual parts. Namely, the imagery, colors, words, feelings, and overall message. More than that, what’s missing in the ad? Perhaps the absence of an element is sufficient to positively impact the ad’s efficacy? Take a critical approach and your ad copywriting journey might become just a tad bit more fun. 


Harley Davidson

The legendary bikes of Harley Davidson need no introduction. The headline in this ad speaks for itself.

Why it’s great: it captures the essence of the brand and speaks volumes about its target audience: namely, that they’re more concerned with the thrill of a fast, furious, complex machine.

Copywriting lesson: It’s important to keep your target audience in mind, as shown here. What are they here for and how can you give it to them (with your product)?



All I need is all I got. Here’s a barely-clothed woman, stomping off into the world. Confident. Assertive. Asking for no permission. Perhaps Levi’s is communicating exactly how you can expect to feel once you slip into a pair of their jeans (even if you leave everything else at home).


Why it’s great: the ad effectively communicates how a pair of Levi’s can make you feel. You’re buying into a state of mind. As opposed to a pair of jeans.


Copywriting lesson: If you sell a product like denim or other clothing, you probably have plenty of competition. Make yourself stand out by taking a bold stance on what your product stands for. 



Two words: female empowerment. Nike’s use of striking imagery and high contrast is cleverly complemented by the athlete’s victory stance. She stands tall, confident, basking in a moment of victory. She’s the hero. And yes, she’s the hero she didn’t have. Nike nails it again.


Why it’s great: Nike has mastered the art of advertising with impact. It’s timely, relevant and uniquely blends in with the product on display.


Copywriting lesson: Sometimes, your ads can incorporate the current response to a social injustice movement, (hello, female empowerment!). If your product can speak to the audience in an impactful way, you’re likely onto something good. 


Uber Eats

Star Wars meets Star Trek in this clever face-off featuring the two unmistakable figures from each legendary production. This ad’s entertainment factor truly speaks for itself. What pairs perfectly with a movie? Great takeout.


Why it’s great: Pure entertainment factor that speaks directly to the Uber Eats (food delivery) brand and motif.


Copywriting lesson: Pictures are worth a thousand words! If you can tell your story visually, words will simply serve as icing on the cake. 



Notoriously simple, this ad speaks to one of the facts of life. Life is hard. Apple makes it easier. Barring the four-digit price tag (and the corresponding impact on your bank account), iPhone makes your life easier. With its innovative, reliable features, the iPhone is your go-to calendar, inbox, business management tool, phone, camera and mini computer. It’s what you use to check on your investment portfolio, talk to your mom and send disappearing videos on Snapchat. And it “all starts as soon as you turn it on.”


Why it’s great: Simple goes a long way.


Copywriting lesson: If you’ve got a great product or service, create a sense of urgency with an indirect call to action: namely, “And that starts as soon as you turn it on.” 


Wrap up

In this blog, Vesper Copywriters dissected five outstanding examples of copywriting ads. If you’re looking for copywriters, please contact us now. 



All images/ads are used for educational and informational purposes only. All ad credit and ad copywriting belongs to the respective owners. 

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